Hi, I'm Mike Goodrich

I am the Creator and founder of The Inner Singer.

I've been helping Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Singers gain mastery with their voice for over 31 years!.

It's an amazing job and I love it!

I get to help singers reach their potential and then watch them go have wonderful careers!

I'm always amazed at how I got here and what I can now do with my voice...

But Things Were Not Always That Way...
When I first started singing, I had no idea what I was doing.

I was always struggling to get high notes, vibrato, a nice tone...I basically was pretty bad. (-:

I had 12 different singing teachers and some helped … but nothing seemed to get me there…

I would feel overwhelmed, depressed and stressed out thinking "Why can't I sing?!"

After spending a fortune on books, training, teachers (and I did have a few great ones) and specific private coaching, I finally discovered what truly works and what doesn't work.

That's why I created the Inner Singer which combines the 3 main components of great singing: Technique, Performance and the Inner Game. Nobody else does this. (-:

Fast Forward To Today
I've fallen in love with creating online courses and trainings that singers can benefit from no matter where they live!

And all of my trainings and courses are geared toward teaching you to be your own teacher!

With a masterful technique, amazing performance skill and the right mindset and mastery of the inner game - you'll be unstoppable!

And let me tell you, after struggling for so many years with my own voice...

After getting frustrated for so long without being able to sing the way I wanted to...
It Feels Awesome!
Of course it certainly did not happen overnight. It took me years to figure out a blueprint and shortcuts to mastering your voice.

I made a ton of costly mistakes and spent a lot of money to figure this out along the way.

Now, my mission is to help singers just like you become even more amazing - fast...without taking the 20 years it took me!. Because this is what I know best.

I've had the great honor and joy of helping singers and singing teachers all over the world reach their potential.

But don't take my word for it...
Here is What They Say...
Sutton Foster
2 Time Tony Award Winner
My mix is stronger than ever and I know it's because of your technique and exercises. I'm thrilled to have found you! Thank you!!!"
Calvin Grant
Miss Saigon, RENT - Broadway
"Thanks to the incredible teaching technique of Michael Goodrich, my high notes are effortless and consistent for the first time in my career. I recommend you run to Michael Goodrich and rediscover the joy of singing. Thanks, Michael!"
Matt Harkenrider
"Michael's course is a godsend! I was always told I could never sing above certain notes because my voice 'just came that way.' With the help of Michael's expertise, I've been able to expand my range so much higher, well beyond what I ever thought possible — and I know I still have so much more potential ahead of me!"
 Ready To Take Your Singing To The Next Level? 
If you're ready to up your game then Click Here to go to my "Products" page where you'll find some great free resources as well as some paid courses for a small investment.

All good things to you,,

Mike Goodrich
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