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Dear Singing Friend,

My biggest turning point as a top-level singer came when my vocal career hit rock bottom.

It happened 30 years ago.

It was during a regular singing session. I was alone in my one-bedroom apartment. And I couldn't reach this particular note.

I'd been working on this for what felt like ages and my voice was letting me down.

It was making me furious.

I hit a new level of frustration. I'd reached the end of my wits.

I'd had enough.

Boiling with anger and feeling hopeless, I exploded like an over-wound spring. I threw my music across the room.

Its binding smashed against the wall.

It was the musical theater score for Jekyll and Hyde. I was attempting "This is the Moment"...

It split open and the pages flew everywhere.

Looking back, it was a low and embarrassing moment. And it wasn't the first time...

At least I was alone. Nobody got to see me at my worst.

But there was an upside:
This One Event Was The Turning Point In My Singing.
Those messy pages resembled my singing mindset at the time: scattered, out of order, and in need of help.

I remember the silence after it happened.

And I can still recall the first thought that came to my mind.

It was a simple question:

What's the payoff for behaving like this?

It was the first time I'd looked at myself with honesty as a singer.

I knew the answer — and it wasn't comfortable.

And it sparked another question:

Could I allow myself to enjoy singing— even if it sometimes felt lousy and sounded bad to me?

It wasn't a "woo woo" moment. It was a flash of simple, logical clarity.

And it connected with a thought my dad shared with me some time earlier.

We were watching a TV documentary together when he said it.

The show was about a tribe of people. They lived off the land without any modern supplies or equipment.

They had a simple way of life.

No supermarkets. No running water. No electricity.

And yet, they were happy.

I remember my dad saying:

You know what? At our happiest we're no happier than they are right now. And they don't have any of the things that we have.

Those words were now electric — and hit me like thunder!

Could I Possibly Love Singing and My Voice As Much as I Loved The Voices of My Idols... Even Though I Didn't Have What They Had?
Could I say yes to this?
Well, saying no would just lead to more of the same problems: frustration, self-defeat, and broken music scores

Not to mention the anxiety.

And the feelings of insecurity and hopelessness.

So, was being happy with my voice — and appreciating it — really my way forward?

I felt a sense of calm and relief... and my inner voice was clear: "Yes!"

Yes, I can choose to love my own voice, even if it's not perfect.

Even if it feels bad.

And even if it doesn't always do what I want.

I began to feel a deep gratitude for my voice. And I felt a real sadness for how I'd been treating it for so long.

And for blaming it for not being what I thought it should be.

And always wanting it to be something else.

In fact, I apologized to my voice – I had that much guilt.
So, in my own way, I asked my voice to show me what it wanted to sing.

And how it wanted to sing.

I began to let my voice teach me.

I thought "Okay, let's see what you can do!"

And I asked that question with real honesty. I wanted to hear its true sound, without forcing it to resemble someone else's voice.

So that day I made the choice to accept my voice and to love singing — even if it wasn't "perfect".

And I chose to listen to my voice!

I picked up those pages off the floor. I put them back in order. And I sang that song again.

But this time without any judgement. And I made it through the whole song this time!

Was it a great performance? No, of course it wasn't.

Did it feel great to sing? No, but it felt different.

Did I learn something? Yes!
I Discovered I'd Never Been Using My Own Voice -
Or My Own Interpretation of Anything!

I'd been trying to copy others — my singing idols. The people I wanted to be.

Problem was, I didn't have their voice.

I only had mine!

And here's another thing:

My decision that day led to another discovery:

I Didn't Know My Own Voice At The Time - Or Its Real Capabilities - Because I'd Never Bothered To Listen To It.

When I started to sing those songs the only way I could — with my own voice - I finally learned what my voice would do.

And I learned how to align my interpretation of the song with my vocal ability at the time.

It was a revelation.

I didn't pick super-difficult songs outside my ability. And I didn't pick the easy stuff, either.

I picked songs that aligned with my technical ability at the time.

And I sang them the way I could. I no longer tried to perform them like someone else would.

I began making artistic choices that confirmed my vocal abilities.

And Then This Happened:
I Started Getting The Results I Wanted.

The first thing I did was join a singing performance class (where I met my wife!... But that's another story 😀)

It was during this time that I started to enjoy singing. And my career pushed way past my expectations.

I'm Mike Goodrich, and I've Been a  Voice Teacher
in Los Angeles for 30 Years...

I've worked with singers in over 20 Broadway Shows including Sutton Foster in "Thoroughly Modern Millie",
Luke Perry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", David Hasselhoff in "Jekyll and Hyde," Shonica Gooden in CATS, as well as leads in Tommy, Next to Normal, RENT, Jersey Boys, Les Mis and many more...

Major Movie and TV stars like working with Mike Myers on his voice for "Shrek", Andy Garcia for the movie "Hoodlum", Kerry Washington, Kate Mara and many more... Recording artists, most major record companies and a lot of the big studios.

And even after three decades of teaching the skills of vocal technique, performance, and the singer's mindset to these and thousands more singers (and dozens, if not hundreds of singing teachers around the world), I still remember this huge personal frustration.

Back then, despite all my experience at the time, I had a lot of negative feelings about my own voice.

And at times it was debilitating!

Mike Goodrich

I looked everywhere for someone to help me... and this was before the internet.

Because after studying with 11 voice teachers I was frustrated, discouraged, and angry – because I couldn't get my own singing where I wanted it.

Yes, back then I'd gone through 11 different teachers.

I had this deep desire to be a singer.

I wanted to sing like the singers I admired able to.

I wanted to express my voice and passion the way they did.

I was totally committed to singing at the time... I still am 😊

But back then, all of my singing friends seemed to do everything I couldn't do!

It was driving me nuts!

You Know How It Feels: When Everyone Else Makes Singing Look Easy — Banging Out High Notes, Holding Them Forever, And They Sound Good!

And they seem to have endless confidence!

But you don't. And it feels lousy!

As for me, you need to keep this in mind:

When I hit this frustrating low all those years ago, I'd already performed two major roles in musical theater as a professional singer.

That's right, two major roles:

Che in EVITA, and George in Sunday in the Park with George.

But even having done these, I still hit barriers. I knew I needed something.

I Knew Something Was Missing. I Couldn't Find It In The Endless Voice Coaching Sessions I Was Slogging Through.

They were costing me a fortune — and they weren't getting me what I needed!

But one thing was certain: the feelings of constant dejection were starting to stack up.

And this is how I expressed them.

  • How come singing is so hard for me?
  • I feel like I've plateaued and I'm not getting any better.
  • Do I sound okay? Will I ever sound as good as _______?
  • Why would anyone want to hear me sing?
  • I wonder if they like my voice...
  • I'm not a natural singer... maybe I should just give it up.
  • I'm so frustrated with my voice!
  • How is it can I hit that note in my lesson
    — but I can't when I perform, record, or audition?
Perhaps some of these sound familiar.

Having now been a voice coach for 30 years, I've heard these painful admissions from hundreds of singers.

I'm talking about pop singers and musical theatre performers.

R&B and Gospel vocalists.

Classical singers — amateurs and pros.

Even top stars from Broadway and Hollywood have said them to me.

You'd be amazed. Heck, I was amazed!

I've coached singers from all of these backgrounds.

And here's a fact:

I've Heard These Feelings From Almost Everyone I've Coached – Whether Singing Was Their Career Or Their Hobby.
ALL singers have these feelings at some point.

Let's face it: when you sing, your voice doesn't always deliver when you need it to.

It's a fact... you're human.

When it happens, your ability to sing suffers.

Your anxiety activates. And, after a while, it pops up every time you sing — whether it's in a performance, or when you're just rehearsing in your bedroom!

After a time, you develop a resistance to doing what you love — singing.

And the next thing? Your mind wires-in triggers of sabotage and self-defeat.

And no singer should experience this.

But I sure did.
These Are The Singing Barriers I Hit.
All Singers Run Into Them.

You hit these hurdles when you take your singing voice to new or rare places.

You'll know them well — they're glass walls. You don't see them coming.

But they stop your voice from performing and growing.

They often show up just when you need your voice to be flawless. Like before an audition, or a recording, or a live performance.

Or when you're feeling a bit fragile.

These barriers activate the crushing feelings behind those painful admissions I mentioned earlier.

And they always trigger these heavy anchors:

 "I can't do this."
"Why are my butterflies worse this time? I usually like performing..."
"Wow, she's really mastered her break. I'm a long way from that."
"I don't think I'll audition. Maybe next time."
As I said earlier, I know these well. And so do your singing idols.

My mix is stronger than ever and I know it's because of your technique and exercises. I'm thrilled to have found you! Thank you!!!". 
Sutton Foster - 2 Time Tony Award Winner
-- Former PRIVATE Student

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Just know this: You're not alone.

And these feelings are NOT your fault! And like many other singers I've coached, you can release yourself from them, too.

This Is Every Singer's Biggest Limiting Factor.
You Almost Certainly Have it — And You Can Change It.

For more than 30 years, my vocal coaching has elevated singers like you in 3 ways:


And it's every singer's inner singing game — their mindset — that's the most important for reaching their full vocal potential.

Why? Because it's every singer's biggest limiting factor.

But You Need To Be Born a Great Singer, Right?

Technical skills — pitch, phasing, vibrato, and range — they're basic to singing.

But your singing mindset — your inner subconscious — drives your outer singing voice.

I call every singer's inner subconscious their Inner Singer. It's what goes on inside you. 

It's your:

  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Self-Talk
  • Stories
  • Patterns
  • Habits
  • Programming

They're invisible to others. And they're unconscious to you. But they dictate your outer singing voice.

The good news is you can change them.

Here's What's Behind Your Singing Barriers.
When I coach a student, I "run" their voice through a vocalization regime. I can take their voice to new places they've never been.

They can do this because I'm running their voice.

It's a bit like a flight instructor teaching a student how to fly a plane.

The student gets to feel everything during the flight. They even have their hands on the controls.

But it's the teacher who's flying the plane.

This is what I do with my students' voices.

It's as if I can sneak them through the backdoor of their own beliefs. This way, they can experience these amazing new notes and tones before their conscious brain can reject them.


What often happens is this:

After I show them what they're able to do, their inner subconscious programming takes over and talks them out of it!

Even if they consciously want to do it!

Even if they've done it several times before.

And here's what's behind this:

To be successful at any task, your inner beliefs have to match your outer desires and goals.
If your conscious desires and goals for your singing don't match your inner subconscious beliefs about your voice (and yourself), your inner subconscious beliefs will win every time.

If these two don't match, you'll become uncomfortable and resistant to reaching these new vocal heights — whether they're high notes, power, or whatever.

And you'll inwardly tell yourself why your old behaviors and patterns are better for you.

It's very simple: Your old programming wins — and then the glass barriers appear.

And staying behind them can be harmful.

The harm is far more than a moment of being 'fed up'.

Or sweaty palms from pre-song nerves.

Or your heart pounding a bit more than normal when you grab the microphone.

Staying behind these vocal barriers is why many singers don't land their dream roles and gigs.

And why they get frustrated.

And even abandon the craft...

Do any of these sound familiar?

If they do, my students will tell you this: you don't have to let these feelings steer you as a singer.
This Is How You Get Past These Barriers.
I've researched human potential, brain function, and learning techniques — mainly the latest in neuroscience, and those used by NASA and the US Olympic Team.

These are advanced mindset training methods. High-performing individuals use them.

It's a big part of how they deliver remarkable outcomes.

For top-level athletes, they help them achieve record-setting results.

For astronauts, they are part of the processes behind their amazing abilities — especially in high-pressure environments that have little margin for error.
And Here's How These Techniques Can Benefit You
They open a fast lane in front of you.
It lets you bypass the common barriers that seize your abilities to sing, perform, and grow as a vocalist. Things like:
  • Self-defeat
  • Insecurities
  • And deflated confidence
I discovered the effectiveness of these methods when I was researching proven ways to advance my own vocal performance.

And when I think back to my own personal breakthrough all those years ago, here are the two keys that unlocked it:
1. The simple decision to accept my own voice, and...
2. To focus on one vital factor – and it had nothing to do with singing technique.
This one factor is what drove my turning point — and all of the success I've enjoyed in singing.
The One Thing That Held Me Back As a Singer For So Long Is The Same One Thing That Finally Catapulted My Singing Forward!
My singing mindset: I learned how to focus on it. And it started working for me.

It was like walking through an unlocked door.

It made all the difference to my singing: My ability to do it, the happiness it's given me, and the career I've enjoyed.

Now after decades of coaching, performing, and research, I discovered my brain back then was wired to fail at singing!

Discovering this led me to pay one brain expert $1500 an hour and over $10,000 in one year to help me through this. And it helped me develop a program I could use to teach my students who were running into the same problems!

And now I've packaged all of my singing mindset knowledge and experience into one place. And I want to share it with you.
It focuses on the key mechanisms that cause your mindset blocks and insecurities when you sing.

It helps you make the same mindset breakthrough I made with my singing – the same breakthrough so many stars of Broadway, Hollywood, and pop music have made.

My mindset training techniques can boost your confidence when singing. And they can get you past those feelings of fear and crushing self-defeat — even if your self-esteem tells you "No, it's not possible."

And it takes only 15 minutes a day.
I've put ALL of my singing mindset knowledge and experience into a step-by-step course called:
It's an online singing mindset training course that helps intermediate and advanced singers overcome the emotional obstacles and negative thoughts that hamper their singing by resetting their cognitive and emotional programming.

The proven techniques inside this program will give you the practical methods to move past these barriers and let you reach your full vocal potential.

Here's what sets it apart from other singing programs:
The Inner Singer program focuses on the subconscious beliefs and emotional mechanisms that cause your singing barriers — the ones that give rise to those negative feelings when your voice "lets you down" or you "don't feel up to it today."
Or worse, when you start to think: "singing isn't for me."

Now, I want to make this clear:

Here is what the Inner Singer program isn't:
  • This isn't a 30-day course that gets you singing like someone else.
  • This isn't another singing course that works from the "outside in". It's the opposite: this program builds your great voice from the "inside out!"
  • And it's not full of "woo woo" concepts. It uses proven scientific principles.
It's not just another "Teach yourself how to sing better" program — one that's filled with a bunch of scales and vocalizers that leaves you wondering "Am I doing this right...?"
The Inner Singer Program is structured with practical techniques, which have helped singers:
  • Improve their confidence.
    They open the door for singers to tackle the songs and performances they want, which means they achieve more from their singing.
  • Overcome their negative mindset issues.
    They remove the barriers that stop singers in their tracks, which means they can further advance their singing abilities — and enjoy it more.
  • Beat feelings of self-defeat.
    They get singers believing the success they want to achieve can be achieved, which means they take the right actions to succeed — and get where they want to go.
The Inner Singer Program gives you back your full singing voice, and your confidence.

If you've purchased singing courses in the past — or you're working with a voice teacher — my program can finally let you get the results you've wanted.
It helps You Make These Breakthroughs
If you're an intermediate or advanced singer, here's why you can't live without my Inner Singer Program:
  • Move past the effects of being told — and believing — you can't "sing that way".
    You'll learn these constraints aren't real, which means you'll be able hit the notes you want and perform them when you want.
  • Overcome feeling nervous and embarrassed about singing in front of others.
    You'll move past this common barrier, which means you'll want to pick up the microphone every time.
  • Find your singing voice when you need it most— away from your coach.
    It will give you the ability to sing without the help of others. And this means you'll be free to perform with confidence – on your own.
  • Take the next steps to getting that major singing gig you want.
    You'll develop the right mindset for auditions and performances, which means you can join the same career freeway lots of successful singers enjoy.
  • Experience more confidence and fun when you sing.
    You'll get back the enjoyment you felt when you started out singing, which means you'll stay with this wonderful craft, and take more from it than you thought was possible.
  • And get back to hitting new vocal heights.
    It will open the way to achieving your full vocal potential, which gets you achieving what you want — from your singing career and your artistic happiness.
The Inner Singer Program opens the door to these breakthroughs by resetting your cognitive and emotional programming. It does this by:
Raising your unconscious vocal limits. I call this raising your Vocal Thermostat.
Reprogramming what you create and attract in your singing. You do this by using the brain's reticular activating system to finally get what you want. I call this resetting your Vocal GPS.
Both of these two breakthrough sessions are included in module 5. In fact, the tools in Module 5 alone can help you improve every aspect of your singing!

Module 5 alone was worth the price of the whole program! -- Lisa Dennett

This is why my program and techniques have helped so many singers.
Here's what you will learn with the 
The program's content is in video and audio. It's supported by an easy-to-follow PDF workbook.
Getting Clarity about where you are now.
  • You'll discover why you're not where you want to be with your singing and why you keep getting the same results.
  • Discover and Release the unconscious beliefs that are running your voice and creating what you don't want!
  • Discover what's kept you frustrated and  held you captive to your singing insecurities and lack of confidence!
  • You'll experience yourself in a new way – and start on the road to your vocal potential.
  • This Module will help you do a complete turn around from your old belief system so you can now move towards the singer you were meant to be!
Seeing your Patterns, the Inner Singer framework, and how to apply it.
  • The 'story' behind your voice will emerge here. And you'll learn it's not entirely true.
  • You'll start to see some of the behaviors and patterns you are holding on to. And you'll see what they've been quietly doing for some time.
  • You'll learn the 5-step framework that will shift your awareness. This practical tool will change how you see yourself.
  • Here you'll discover the critical difference between two choice types. And you'll see how such a small mechanism can have deep change effects.
Singing and the Brain.
  • Discover the power of unconscious focus and how it influences your signing. This is an eye-opener – and it opens the door to these two major discoveries:
  • Learn how we set unconscious limits on our singing and performing,
  • And...
    Learn how we unconsciously tell ourselves to look for things we actually don't want – and how it keeps us on this unwanted path.
Breaking Your Patterns.
  • This is where you begin the change process. The framework here gets you into your voice's true reality and – for the first time – will put space between your voice's story and where you really are vocally.
  • You'll be assessing and scoring your voice when you sing and vocalize in this module. And you'll hear some very different things.
  • Here you'll start to change the story behind your voice. And you'll soon hear the positive effects.
  • And you'll start to build new pathways – putting your voice on the freeway it needs to get to its full potential.
The Shift - Re-patterning and making the important changes; Mental Rehearsal and Mirror Neurons; the power of play.
Here, the exercises create deeper changes:
  • You'll discover the power of questions and their effects on your voice.
  • You'll learn the power of mental rehearsal – and you'll apply a little-used part of the brain that doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's imagined.
  • Discover how to make use of little-known mirror neurons (this is powerful).
  • Use the power of play to create the changes you're after.
Creating your Singing Vision and your Life Vision (They absolutely have to go together)
  • Step-by-step, you'll build the two ideal images you want for your singing and your life – and you'll learn how to combine them for great long-term results.
  • You'll learn what occurs when change takes place, and how to manage the process as it occurs.
  • And you'll discover how and why our brains like familiar patterns, even if we don't – and what you can do to manage this.
New Truths and letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • Here you'll shift your old beliefs and habits and establish new ones in the same way your old ones were created. This fascinating process has 3 parts.
  • Discover the true power of mental rehearsal and what it can do when establishing new beliefs about your singing.
  • Learn how to unearth your limiting beliefs through your habits and behaviors – and discover how some things you thought were 'permanent' are, in fact, temporary.
  • You'll learn how to apply distillation and put to work your new truths. And you'll learn how to get them working for you for the long-term.
Beyond the Brain - BONUS MODULE
My step-by-step framework has these extra benefits:
  • Use it in complete privacy at home — when you want, and without the pressure of other people around.
  • It's always there — which means after you complete the full program, you can use any of its tools. Use them just before an audition or performance, or when your singing needs a quick boost.
  • You can even use it to supplement your voice coaching, which means even greater value!
When you hear and feel the results, you'll want to revisit my course material.
My students make the Inner Singer Program a normal part of their singing lives — and I know you'll want to as well.
"It's Fun and Simple to Use."
All you do is add the Inner Singer Program to your regular singing disciplines.
Students who use its tools have seen their first results within weeks — sometimes sooner.

Hearing the first bars of those songs you've feared to sing will no longer spark the hesitation you've felt for so long.

You'll feel a new ease about trying to hit those notes you've been nervous about tackling.

And singing sessions will get back their "Friday night" vibe – you'll look forward to them again.

And after going through the program and then following the self-paced framework, you'll cement your new beliefs, habits and behaviors over the following months.

And all you need is about 10 to 15 minutes a day.
Freeing Yourself Of Anxiety And Insecurities Is Like Unlocking a Pair Of Handcuffs.
My singing students have reported great results after using the techniques in the Inner Singer Program.
  • Many say the technical voice coaching they'd invested in finally started to show in their singing.
  • Feelings of dread about auditions and live performances diminish and disappear.
  • And...
Best of All: Singing And Performing Become Enjoyable Again!
They all wish they'd found the Inner Singer Program sooner.

Its tools have elevated their identities as singers, performers, and as people.
Here's some of what people say about the Inner Singer Program!
John Henny
Master Vocal Instructor Los Angeles CA

"This Course Provides Something That Has Been Missing In All Of The Voice Training, Literature and Materials Out There!"

Sarah Veronica
Singer, Actress, Film Maker

"Completely Rewired My Inner Beliefs Around Singing!"

"My whole voice improved when I added the Inner Singer Program to my practicing!"

Travis Chandler
Here's what Michael's private students are saying!
"Your teaching and belief in me helped me to attain a major goal — a leading role on Broadway!"

"It's been so exciting! In just a few lessons my voice changed. I use our [lesson] tapes as a warm-up before every show."
Christy Tarr - "Tommy," National Tour "Annie," and "Jekyll & Hyde," Broadway

"Michael is a brilliant vocal coach and a genuine person."

"His style teaches our artists to reach the height of their potential. This not only boosts their confidence, but also saves us money in the studio. I cannot recommend him more highly!"
Randy Phillips - Former Manager, Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton

"Thanks to the incredible teaching technique of Michael Goodrich, my high notes are effortless and consistent for the first time in my career."

"If consistency, less effort and an overall healthier voice is what you want, I recommend you run to Michael Goodrich and rediscover the joy of singing. Thanks, Michael!"
Calvin Grant - "Miss Saigon," National Tour – "Rent," Broadway

What It Costs
The Inner Singer Program is a packaged online version of my regular one-to-one mindset coaching for singers.

The course materials, delivered across a series of in-person sessions, would amount to around $2,000.

But by packaging my content into this online program, you can access the same tools and achieve the same results for a lot less.

The complete Inner Singer Program is yours for just $247. You can access all of these life-changing techniques as soon as you place your order.
Get Started Now
The Inner Singer 90-Day Guarantee.
Singers of all ages, experience, and ambition have succeeded with the Inner Singer Program's tools.

You can be one of them.

But if the Inner Singer Program doesn't get you within reach of your ideal singing voice, I'll refund your purchase within 90 days of your order. Just send me an email (support[at] and I'll return your purchase.
Get Confident, Love Your Voice, and Feel Great About Singing.
Improve Any Part Of Your Voice From The Inside Out!
If you're like most of my students, you've probably had enough of the second-guessing, the negative feelings, and the insecurities that show up when you sing.

So please always remember this:

Your desire to sing shouldn't sit on the shelf because you sometimes feel these things.

You can release them — starting today.

Enjoy the love of singing and performing. Don't let it be a struggle.

Ordering the Inner Singer Program is easy. Just click here:
Get Started Now
When the order page opens, enter your name, email address, and payment details. It's quick, simple, and secure.

When you confirm your order, you'll receive your personal login details for the Inner Singer Program by email.

They'll arrive in your inbox within a few minutes.

You can then also download the free app to your mobile phone and tablet — so the Inner Singer Program is yours to use anywhere, any time.

And I'm available if you need my support along the way. Just contact me at support[at]
Change Is Powerful. So Is Your Voice.
You Can Reach Your Vocal Potential - Starting Today.
And For Only One Payment of $247.

All singers face these mindset challenges. Your singing idols face them. I know what they're like. I've faced them, too.

You might think these breakthroughs won't ever happen for you. But they can.

So many of my students are proof.

Everyone compares themselves to their singing idols. It's natural to do this.

But it often makes you feel like a pebble in an ocean of singing talent. And singing shouldn't make you feel like this.

It's meant to be enjoyable.

It's meant to let you express your uniqueness.

And it's meant to let your full voice be heard.

Right now, you're standing at an important junction.

One choice is to stay where you are.

You can battle the anxiety and 'fear of heights' that keep creeping in.

The same feelings of fear that keep you from even thinking about auditioning for roles.
The same bruising doubt – the kind that makes your hands damp with fear when you pick up the microphone.

The same repelling feelings that stop you singing – especially the songs that used to make you feel great.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can choose to feel that butterfly buzz when you walk on stage.

Grab the microphone and let it feel like you're holding a loved-one's hand.

Connect with that person when you look in their eyes as you sing.

And feel lighter-than-air when you raise your head at the end of your favorite songs.

You can unlock your full voice and love it!

And always remember: the performers you admire face these same obstacles. But they work past them.
You can, too
Get to your full singing potential
Get Started Now
I'd love to hear about your results!

Send me a video or an audio recording after you've completed the Inner Singer Program and let me know!

Here's to your singing success.

Mike Goodrich

Los Angeles, CA

What you will get
When you order today, you will receive:
  • Your personal login details for the Inner Singer Hub
  • The Inner Singer Program
  • 8 online audio and video modules
  • The Inner Singer program workbook in PDF
  • The Priming the Brain workbook in PDF
  • The New Truths workbook in PDF
The Inner Singer Program details:
Program: $247
Intended for: Intermediate to advanced singers
Program training time: Self-paced, full completion of the program (takes approximately one week) followed by regular daily practice
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