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Video 1 - Singing and the Brain How to Turn the Perfect Imaginary Performance into Reality
  • Discover how to accelerate your singing progress in half the time...without actually singing more than you do right now!
  • Learn how to create an amazing audition, performance or recording session by using a simple technique you can do while relaxing at home!
  • Discover the one thing that can sabotage your singing. Hint: It's not your technique!
  • How an accidental discovery in neuroscience can help you progress even faster!
Video 2 - Magic of Vowels Why Vowels are the Secret to Soaring Through Your Break and Hitting the High Notes
  • If you want great high notes you need to know this! It's so overlooked!!
  • Discover the best sound for smoothing out your break and nailing the high notes...Hint: It's not a vowel
  • Make this one mistake and everything including your tone will suffer.
  • This one tip will help you sing any difficult passage easier! I use this every day with my students!
Video 3 - Authentic Performance How to Shine with Charisma When You Sing
  • Use this one exercise to put yourself head and shoulders above other singers!
  • Learn how to find "your voice" in any song! People will think you wrote it even if you didn't!
  • Discover how to really connect with your audience...Hint: It has nothing to do with them!
  • I share a secret that will change the way you look at performing forever! It's one little shift. (-:


Many of these techniques I have personally taught to the stars of stage and screen including Tony Award Winner Sutton Foster, Mike Myers, Andy Garcia, Kerry Washington and many more...

When you implement the Vocal and Mental techniques I'll share with you in these videos, your singing will stand far above most singers.

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