Imagine Having a Proven Formula For Singing Easily Through Your Break and Building Your High Notes!
Introducing the
Vowel Mastery Formula
Hi it's Mike,

Do you have a formula for making singing easier, singing through your break and getting consistently into your high notes??

Or do you do what I used to do?

Just keep knocking away at it thinking it's going to get easier?!

Imagine Having a Formula that:
  • Improves your vocal tone!
  • Cleans up your break!
  • Improves mix!
  • Opens the door to your high notes!
  • Stops you from straining!
  • Makes singing easier than ever before!
I had no idea vowels were so important!
What Mike does with vowels helped my high notes and my break (which is now gone!) and gave me a better tone.
I would never have thought vowels were such a big deal...they are!! Thanks Mike!
Matt Harkenrider
Singer/Songwriter/Los Angeles
With the Vowel Mastery Formula you'll:
• Discover why mastering your vowels can clean up your break instantly!
• Learn the simple techniques to help you master vowels so you can improve your high notes.
• Listen to your tone improve instantly with just a few minor tweaks to your pronunciation.

• Use the ONE foundational sound in your singing which gives you more consistency and power to          your voice.
• Find out why if you sing your vowels on high notes the same way you sing them on low notes           you'll fail (and what you can do to stop that!)
• Learn how to blend your vowels so you can align your vocal registers and smooth out your break.
• Master your vowels and see the unexpected benefits to your breath control.

"I just went through the vowel course and it's great!
I've not heard vowels discussed quite this way before.
I've used many ideas to help singers get through their bridges, but this course simplified the process with such clarity. It made so much sense!"

Rita Bevis Castillo - Voice Teacher and Singer

Singing your vowels correctly will fundamentally improve your high notes, your break, tone and breathing.

My videos will take you through the formula in detail.

PLUS, you get my downloadable Vowel Tuning Chart - an essential reference guide.

And, I even created downloadable audios so you can keep listening wherever you are.

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So, if you're an experienced singer this is the perfect formula to help you smooth out your break, build your mix and nail your high notes, fix your tone and balance your voice. 
And put on a show-stopping performance.
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